Korean Black Lace Summer 3 Piece Swimsuit KW1812291

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  • Set:
  • Bra
  • Swimsuit
  • Blanket
  • Material:made of Polyamide and Spandex and Polyester

Size Reference:

Size Height(cm)(ft) Weight(lb)(kg) Cup Waist(cm)
M 158cm/62.20"- 163cm/64.17" 44-50kg 70ABC/75ABC/80A 25cm/9.84"-   27cm/10.63"
L 163cm/64.17"- 168cm/66.14" 50-59kg 70B/75ABC/80ABC 27cm/10.63"- 30cm/11.81"
XL 158cm/62.20"- 173cm/68.11" 59-64kg 75ABC/80ABC/85AB 30cm/11.81"- 32cm/12.60"
XXL 165cm/64.96"- 180cm/70.87" 64-75kg 75ABCD/80ABCD/85ABC 32cm/12.60"- 34cm/13.39"
XXXL 165cm/64.96"- 180cm/70.87" 70-85kg 75ABCD/80ABCD/85ABCD 34cm/13.39"- 36cm/14.17"


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